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Should A Composite Door Be Draughty?

Should a composite door be draughty?

Should A Composite Door Be Draughty?

Having a draughty home can be highly frustrating and impact how much you pay for your monthly energy bills.

A new composite door should not be draughty - even an old door made from composite material should still have a secure seal.

If your front door is letting in cold air, this article could help you identify the issue so you can resolve it.

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What Can Cause A Draught With Composite Doors?

While a new door should be draught-proof, several things can affect its performance.

The following examples can cause draughts with composite doors:

Damaged seals

The seal around the door should be tight against the frame.

If the seals are compromised, this can cause an issue. Pets scratching doors, using a metal over-the-door Christmas wreath hook with a sharp point, or dragging the door open over an obstruction are three ways that seals get damaged.

Poor fit

The door must be the correct size for the frame. A new door can be trimmed before being installed. Unless you know what you are doing, get professional help to ensure the door is correctly installed and properly adjusted.


A composite front door shouldn't warp in the sun. However, if the door is left hanging open without the locks supporting it in the door frame, it can cause issues.

Over time, the door's weight can cause slight warping, which will affect the fit and could leave gaps, resulting in draughts.

Door locks

If your locking mechanism is old-fashioned, it may have a hole that goes through to the other side of the door that can allow draughts through even if the door is locked.

A modern front or back door lock shouldn't experience this issue. If you have an old-fashioned lock, covers are available to minimise draughts.


Draughts coming through a letterbox is a common problem. Ensure the letter plate on the outside is not affected by strong winds, or you can install a draught excluder in the letterbox.

Products From UK Composite Doors

Because composite doors last a long time, you must look after them well.

As well as offering an excellent range of styles and colours, we can point you in the right direction when it comes to maintaining your composite door.

Read more on our blog or shop with us today for the best UK composite door options.

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How can I hang a Christmas wreath without leaving a gap at the top of my door?

Stick-on hooks or ribbons can be an excellent way to hang a Christmas wreath without compromising your door.

Do glass windows in a composite door make it less energy efficient?

No. High-quality double or triple glazing is used in modern doors with glass to improve performance.

Are composite doors insulated?

Composite doors get insulation from a foam or timber core.

Final Thoughts

With correct installation, composite front and back doors are energy-efficient barriers that keep the cold out and heat in.

These doors are highly durable and built to last, so you must take proper care of them, and if you notice a draught from your composite doors, contact an expert from UK Composite Doors for advice.

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