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Can You Put a Letterbox in a Composite Door?

Can you put a letterbox in a composite door?

Composite doors are a fantastic way to keep your home safe and add unique design aesthetics to improve your kerb appeal. 

But can you add a letterbox to your front door? 

We’ve got the answer and all other info you need about adding a letterbox to your front door. 

Why Composite Doors Are Different When Choosing a Letterbox

Since our doors are made of such tough material, they are ideal for front doors. They are eco-friendly, use cutting-edge materials, offer thermal efficiency, and look like wood.

In the UK, having a weather-resistant door means you’re ready for winter. Due to your door's sturdiness and hardy construction, which won’t warp or shrink with time, your door and side panel will last many years.

Composite doors are constructed with layers in the door and side panels to guarantee your safety and prevent warping or damage, making them different to uPVC doors - and the process of installing a letterbox is also different.

This door is solid, secure, and long-lasting thanks to its TriSeal frame, cross-laminated Albasia Falcata timber core, intricate lock system, and CoolSkin technology, and it's not a simple matter of picking up letterboxes at the hardware store and doing a DIY installation.

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Types of Letterboxes

We offer a great range of letterbox options:

  • Standard Range Letterplate—They are stunning, strong, and functional from the Fab & Fix Architectural range. 
  • Architectural Range—These letterboxes are modern with a contemporary twist and are available in Chrome, Antique Black, Graphite, and Gold. 
  • BLU Letterplate—This line is structurally improved to withstand severe weather. It is made with 316 marine-grade stainless steel to prevent erosion and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

The options are endless, so look at our stunning composite doors to see what might fit your needs. 

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Front Door Letterbox Placement

You can choose whether or not you want an exterior letter box at all, but we highly recommend it as it makes receiving mail a lot easier. 

If you want a letter box, you can choose where to put it on your door. The middle is the standard with older properties, but it’s not the law. 

Your letterbox can go on your door's bottom or the top, but it must be accessible. 

The same goes for choosing whether to have your letter box verticle or horizontal.

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Why is Letterbox placement important? 

Remember, you’re not the only one who will use the letter box; your postie will also need access. Trust us; when they have to bend and fuss about giving you your mail, you won’t get a Christmas card come the holiday season. 

Some posties have medical conditions, making it difficult for them to get low. So, this is something to consider when selecting your placement. 

Additionally, security is another thing to look at. Your letterbox shouldn’t be placed where reaching into the door handle is possible. 

Also, consider whether your post can be seen once inside the house. Don’t put glass on the bottom of your door because intruders look for a pile of mail to see when you’re not home. 

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Should I Install a Letterbox on My Composite Door?

We don’t recommend having a letterbox installed, as it can damage the door and wall, and invalidate your warranty. 

That’s why we offer a letterbox selection when you’re selecting your new door. The same goes if you want to fit a chain to your composite door or other door accessories. 

However, if you already have a hole for the letter box and want to replace it, that’s a different story. You have to find the exact size letterbox and put it in. 

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Can you add letter boxes to composite doors? 

Yes, adding a letter box can be functional and add to your door design. However, we recommend speaking with a professional because cutting into a composite door to add door accessories is not recommended. 

Must I have a letterbox?

No law states you have to have a letter box but it make things easier for the posties. 

What should I consider when I have a letterbox installed? 

You should look into letter box placement and what style will complement your door. 

Final Thoughts

Adding a letterbox and other door accessories to a door made of composite materials can add to your aesthetic while fulfilling a purpose. 

If you install a letter plate, speak to a professional because doing it yourself could damage your door's integrity. 

Check out our blog for more hints and tips.

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