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Can You Cut Down A Composite Door?

Can you cut down a composite door?

Can You Cut Down A Composite Door?

So, you have a new composite door, but now you’re wondering what might happen if your door needs a trim. 

We’ve got the best guide to help you decide if trimming your composite doors is a good idea and what you should consider beforehand. 

Before you run off to get your saw, read these tips. 

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Why A Composite Door Is Different When Considering Trimming

Composite doors are perfect for a front entrance because they are durable. They look like wood, use cutting-edge materials, provide thermal efficiency, and are environmentally friendly.

In the UK, having a weather-resistant, high-quality door in your house ensures that you will be prepared for winter. 

The good news is that our doors and windows come with a FENSA certificate to show the double glazing is up to scratch. 

Your door and side panel (if you want one) will last for many years because of their robust construction, which won’t warp or shrink with time.

Comparable to uPVC doors, composite doors are built with layers to ensure safety and avoid unintentional warping or damage.

This door’s TriSeal frame, cross-laminated Albasia Falcata timber core, and CoolSkin technology make it sturdy, secure, and long-lasting.

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Will I Need To Cut My Composite Door?

This is highly unlikely, as we require accurate measurements of the point where your new composite doors will be fitted in the home before customising them to your needs.

On the off-chance that the measurement is incorrect, we will trim the door to ensure the door’s integrity and safety seal remain intact. 

Can a Composite Door be Trimmed?

You could, but you’ll need a lot of time and manpower to get through the layers of the solid door. We wouldn’t recommend it, anyway. There are much easier ways to add some curb appeal to your composite front door without having to cut it down.

A trained professional should cut and trim composite doors before sanding the cut edge to keep the security rating in combination with the warranty in place. This can be done when the door is still hanging on its hinges so you don't have to remove the entire door.

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Can Composite Doors Be Cut Down by an Intruder?

Look, anything is possible. If an intruder has the time and willpower to stand at your front door with a power tool like a circular saw, they will eventually get in. 

But in normal circumstances, there is no way an intruder could cut down a composite or even a solid wood door without someone hearing them. 

It would take a good chunk of time to get through the glass-reinforced plastic coating of the door, and time is one thing a burglar does not have. 

If you want to make alterations, you could cut down a composite door, but it isn’t recommended as it might affect the stability and security of the door. 

Each door is sized specifically for the space you’re using it in for a reason. 

Are Composite Doors Safe?

Absolutely, composite doors are secure to the highest degree. You won’t find another product like them.

A new composite door is made with seriously sturdy materials that are near impossible to break or damage. 

So, if someone were trying to get in, they’d be standing there a good while before even making a dent in your composite door. 

Each of our composite door locks is approved by the Police Security Initiative and is tested to ensure they are as safe as possible. 

Each ABS lock has the highest security possible in the UK, so you can rest assured you’ve chosen the right door that is safe and tested. 

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Can you trim the sides of a composite door? 

Anything is possible. However, we don’t recommend trimming or cutting your external or internal doors as this will damage their integrity. Contact us if you have an issue, and we’ll advise on the best way forward. 

Can composite doors be cut down?

If you have a power tool that can cut through layers of timber and insulation, then yes. But it will take a lot of manpower and time to get through. 

Can composite doors be made to my size requirements?

Yes, composite doors are measured completely before being manufactured and installed to ensure your door fits perfectly and maintains its weather-resistant qualities. 

What do I do if my composite doors are the wrong size?

You should contact us if you find an issue with your door.

Final Thoughts

Composite doors are the perfect choice to maintain home security and keep warm in the winter. When you order your doors, everything is measured to ensure the doors fit, including the door frame. 

If, for some reason, your doors no longer fit correctly, then it’s best to call us to make sure you’re doing the right thing. 

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