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Do Composite Doors Warp?

Do composite doors warp

Do Composite Doors Warp?

Composite doors don't warp as much as traditional doors due to the materials used to produce these doors. A standard composite door will have fewer issues and problems than most exterior doors made from wood and uPVC.

There are also certain steps you can take to prevent your composite door from warping.

In this article, we'll look at whether composite doors warp or not and what you can do to prevent it. We will also look at some other common composite door issues.

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What Causes Doors To Warp?

First, we need to understand what causes most doors to warp.

Timber and uPVC doors contain moisture, and after some time, the doors lose their moisture, causing warping and shrinking.

On the other hand, should these traditional doors have worn weather seals, water can enter the door and cause warping.

This can result in damage to the door hinges as well as making the ability to open and close the door a struggle.


Can a Composite Door Warp?

The short answer is "no". If you maintain your door and operate it correctly, then your composite door is not likely to warp.

Composite doors are made through a pressurised method that delivers robust, hardy doors. The materials used mean that there are few composite door problems, as the doors consist of multiple reinforced layers that are not prone to swelling or warping, even in extreme weather conditions.

The main reason that composite doors don't warp is the glass-reinforced plastic coating on the outside of the doors. This outer layer prevents moisture from entering the door which can result in warped doors.

The ideal composite door is one with a built-in drainage system. These drainage holes further prevent water from clogging the door or entering your house.

And although your composite door may expand in the heat, it's unlikely this will cause permanent damage or warping.

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How To Maintain A Composite Door

Composite doors are typically much hardier than timber doors and only require minimal maintenance to ensure you get the best use out of these doors.

To maintain your composite front door, you simply need to wash it down occasionally with some warm soapy water.

This is the only maintenance that a composite door requires - doesn't that just sound like a dream door?!

How To Prevent A Warped Composite Door

Sticky locks are one of the clearest indications that your door may have warped, but fortunately, you can easily prevent this from occurring.

Purchasing a new door is expensive, and the easiest way to prevent a composite door from warping is simply to make sure you close it properly.

Many people simply slam-close the door without considering the door handle. To prevent warping, you have to ensure you lift the handle when you shut the door, otherwise all the weight of the door is resting on the latch.

By closing the door properly and lifting the handle, the top and bottom locks become engaged, which supports the weight of the door and prevents it from warping.

You also need to ensure you get the proper fit for your door. An oversized door that struggles to close could eventually result in your door warping.

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Other Common Problems And How To Avoid Them

Here are some other composite door problems that may arise. Fortunately, none of these are serious and only require some easy fixes or preventative measures.

Creaking door

A creaking door is more than just a mild annoyance, and the size of your door or door frame could be to blame. If the door is too big for the frame, the door can begin to creak over time (or sometimes immediately!).

Instead of purchasing and installing a brand new door, it could be easier and more affordable to simply reinstall a smaller door frame.

It is also possible that the bearings or hinges are causing a squeak and creak. To counter this, opt for self-lubricating bearings.

Difficult to lock

Composite doors that are difficult to lock may be due to dropped hinges. When the door drops, the locking system is not perfectly aligned, which can make it harder to lock. This can be fixed with a minor hinge adjustment.

Alternatively, there could be a mechanical fault with the lock. The easiest way to know if you have a mechanical problem on your hand is if you cannot lock the door even if the door is open.

Should this be the case, you may have to call in a professional locksmith.


Whether rain or shine, your front door sees it all, and this can cause it to corrode over time.

Even the sturdiest composite doors may fade over the years, although not nearly as much as timber or uPVC front doors. Sadly, there is no special polish for composite doors, however, you can purchase a plastic restorer to bring some of the shine back to your door.

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Why Choose UK Composite Doors?

We offer the highest standard composite doors so that you don't have to worry about any of these common problems. We strive for quality and friendly service, so if you are looking for premium composite doors in a variety of colours, look no further.

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How can you tell if a composite door is warped?

The easiest way to tell if your composite door is warped is to hold a straight edge or level against the edge of the door. If there are sides that don't touch the door, then the door has been warped.

However, it is highly unlikely for a composite door to show significant warping.

How long do composite doors last?

Composite doors last at least 30 years and can last even longer with minimal maintenance.

Are uPVC doors or composite doors better value for money?

Both door types are incredibly versatile in their design options, however, composite doors have longer lifespans and will maintain an as-new appearance for much longer.


Final Thoughts

So, do composite doors warp? Although these doors could warp if you don't close them properly, it's unlikely for composite doors to warp due to being exposed to bad weather conditions.

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