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Are Composite Doors Worth The Money?

Are composite doors worth the money?

Are Composite Doors Worth The Money?

A door will always cost you a fair amount of cash, so it is essential that the specific door you choose delivers excellent value for money.

Composite doors are rising in popularity as more and more people see their advantages and great features.

The only downside is that the composite door cost can be pretty high.

A new composite door can cost you anything from £800 up, so, understandably, you'd want to be able to justify buying a door at this price.

The cost is a significant factor and should be considered, but with the security and quality you get from a composite door, the price is understandable.

It is essential to consider other factors as they will help you understand why this fantastic door is so expensive.

So, are composite doors worth the money? Let's find out.

Why are composite doors so expensive?

A composite door is a high-quality, hardy door, so is it worth the money?

The answer is always yes. You get more than just a front door; you get a brand new, gorgeous, and practical addition to your house, with the safety and durability to match.

Here are some factors contributing to why composite doors are so expensive:

Great security

Composite doors are highly resistant to forceful entry because of their multi-point locking systems. In other words, composite doors are designed to offer strong security and deter trespassers, burglars or other intruders, which justifies their high cost.

A composite door can significantly improve your home security and provide excellent protection.


The core of composite doors is made of sturdy and robust layered timber.

Around that, there is a sturdy, wear-resistant metal frame that, when coupled with the timber core, produces a door with exceptional endurance and resilience incomparable to any other type of door, like wooden doors or uPVC doors.

Everything from the door frame to the inner core is crafted to perfection.

Low maintenance

The only maintenance that composite doors require is the occasional surface wiping. Composite doors don't require painting (although you may paint them), sanding or varnishing in order to maintain their great appearance years after installation, which isn't the case with, say, a wooden door or a uPVC door.

Energy efficient

Using GRP or glass-reinforced plastic (or polyester) makes composite doors even more durable and weather-resistant.

Composite doors are incredibly energy-efficient. They can insulate any building and reduce winter energy costs by keeping cold air out and reducing heat loss.

All of the key benefits of composite doors make them well worth the money, and paying a higher price upfront will help you save money on energy bills in the future, as your house will be warm in winter and stay cool in summer, all without needing a thermostat. Your door will require little to no maintenance for around three decades.

Are composite doors any good? What are their main features?

Many people ask if composite doors are any good?

Other than being made from durable and reinforced materials, composite front doors also have some incredible main features that also make them worth the money.

Composite doors are much more than just your ordinary front door!

Insulation and weather-resistant

Due to their exceptional insulation against energy and heat loss, and their ability to keep cold weather outside, composite doors are a great option for an energy-efficient home.

These doors are weatherproof and durable thanks to the rigid Glass Reinforced Plastic or Polyester (GRP), which seals them and makes them more robust.

Energy efficiency is crucial for any home, especially if you want to live in an eco-friendly way.

Strong construction

As mentioned above, composite doors are solid and strong. This is because they are expertly made from various cutting-edge materials, including a solid wood core, and are pressure-adhered together in layers.

A sturdy metal frame and the combination of materials provide a sturdy product that can be used multiple times daily.

Low maintenance

Unlike wooden doors, which need hours of sanding, varnishing, and coats of paint to maintain their finish, composite doors have an outer layer that is coloured and textured and retains its finish with a wash or wipes down every so often.

Composite doors can last for decades with slightly visible deterioration.

Top-class security

Your composite front door and frame is designed to offer the best defence against forced entry into your house. These doors' metal frames have premium multi-point locking systems that guarantee your door is always closed properly and secured.

Our composite doors' locking mechanisms are second to none. Your home security is at the top of the list of priorities.


In terms of longevity, composite doors now dominate the market. Your composite door should have a functional lifespan of 20 years - at the very least.

This longevity makes a composite door a viable investment despite the high initial cost. It's easy to spread the cost of your new door with 0% interest free offers on most doors.

Composite doors are built to last, and with maintenance from time to time, they will surely be around for years and function optimally, as they did when they were installed.

You won't have to spend much on this door, as it hardly ever needs replacing.

You can also take a look at some tips on looking after your composite door to help you keep your door looking brand new for years.

Various finishes and styles

You have a plethora of colour options for your door, as well as elegant and durable wood-grain textured finishes.

UK Composite Doors' selection of composite front doors includes iconic Victorian four-panel, Georgian, quaint cottage-style, and stable door designs.

Glass can be added to composite doors for an extra touch of class that will complement any property's architecture and appearance.

You can customise your door in any way you wish so you can have a door that looks amazing on your house. There is a wide range of composite doors that you can choose from!


Is a composite door better than a uPVC door?

Both composite and uPVC doors are adaptable and can be customised. Composite doors, however, are stronger and more resilient, so they'll stay looking good for longer. Composite doors won't fade over time as uPVC doors might.

Should a composite door be draughty?

A composite door shouldn't be draughty. If measured and installed correctly, no draught should flow under your door. If there is a draught, tell the supplier that your door may not have been measured and installed correctly.

Are composite doors hard to break through?

It is extremely tough to break through composite doors. This is due to the composite door's inherent resilience and strength.

So, are composite doors worth the money?

So, are composite front doors any good? Their fantastic security features, longevity, low maintenance, and thermal insulation make a composite front door more than worth the money.

The benefits you get from these doors are unmatched. Composite doors combine the best traits of uPVC doors and timber doors.

If you have been considering installing a composite door but have been wondering about the cost, read this composite door price guide; then you can be sure that all of these doors' benefits are worth every penny.

You will have a long-lasting, secure, and durable front door for your home.

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