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Are Composite Doors Secure?

Are composite doors secure?

Are Composite Doors Secure?

A number of factors come into play when choosing new doors for your home. Energy efficiency, weatherproofing, and appearance are all major issues that homeowners need to think about.

Another important factor to consider is how secure doors are. Having a secure door can give homeowners peace of mind, knowing that their family and property are safe.

This article explores how secure composite doors are, and how you can make them more secure.

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Composite Door Security Explained

Composite doors offer excellent home security and are widely regarded as one of the most secure options when compared to timber doors and uPVC doors.

According to statistics, criminals gain access to a property through the front door in almost three-quarters of UK home burglaries.

These shocking statistics underline the importance of having a secure front door.

Thankfully, the doors available at UK Composite Doors offer supreme security features, including a timber-insulating core and highly-rated ABS locks.

The benefit of these Sold Secure Diamond grade locks is that they are designed using advanced technology to minimise the risk of lock picking, bumping, drilling, and snapping.

State-of-the-art active snap protection creates a barrier when the lock is attacked, preventing intruders from getting past.

If ABS locks are attacked and snapped, one section sacrifices itself to make it more difficult for intruders to remove the next part of the cylinder, while still allowing the lock to work when a key is used.

If both snap-off points are broken, the Active Snap Protection activates to lock off the cam and stop intruders from gaining access to your home.

While some locks on the market have anti-snap features on the interior and exterior, our doors have exterior-only security features. This means the inside will not break away if it is attacked.

This means the door can still be used from the inside.

Our composite doors also feature an auto-lock, multi-latch deadbolt that guarantees a secure performance and makes composite doors an excellent option if you're concerned about safety.

Take note that regular maintenance prevents door and locking mechanism issues that could compromise your security.

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How Do You Make A Composite Door More Secure?

If you have investigated all the doors on the market and decided on composite doors, you may be looking for ways to secure them even further.

The ABS locks on our doors are approved by the "Secured by Design" initiative put in place by the Police, making this one of the most secure composite door lock options out there.

Our doors also offer double and triple-glazing glass in varying privacy levels. This helps to ensure your home enjoys the light provided by these glass inserts, as well as security and privacy.

The following options can help to improve your already impressive front door security.

Install multi-point locking systems

Exploring other door-locking options can help you withstand forced entry attempts and increase home security.

Door restrictor

A door restrictor or chain allows you to open the door slightly without it being able to be pushed in. Putting this on at night offers an additional level of security.

Reinforced door hardware

Reinforcements installed around locks, screws, and hinges can help to secure your door even further.

High-quality door handles will also minimise the risk of them being broken or snapped during an attempted break-in.

Minimise visual opportunities

Using frosted glass for more privacy and installing a draft excluder in your letter box can stop potential thieves from seeing inside your home.

It can also stop them from being able to access keys or other items kept near the front door.

Install a spy hole

Having a spy hole in your door will allow you to see who is at your door without opening it.

Install a smart doorbell

A Smart doorbell will not secure your composite door further, but it can deter thieves. Some are activated by movement and send an alert to the homeowner.

You may even be able to communicate with people through the doorbell, depending on the product you choose. Asking people why they are there if an alert is sent will typically scare off intruders who won't want to appear on camera.

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Buying Secure Composite Doors

Doors like ours offer excellent security benefits for homeowners. As well as fantastic security features, the energy efficiency of composite doors makes them a great choice.

When you shop with UK Composite Doors, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality, long-lasting, secure doors that look great. Choose from a range of composite door styles and colours to find the perfect door for your home.

As well as our great range of composite doors, you can visit our blog for the best hints and tips for keeping your doors and property in top condition.

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How secure are composite doors?

Our doors are difficult to bypass. The sight of a new composite door may be enough to put thieves off before they even try to break in. If they try to force their way in, the multi-point locking system of the door is strong enough to foil the attempt.

What is the secured-by-design initiative?

Secured by Design is a UK Police initiative to raise awareness and improve the security of homes, businesses, and shops by preventing intruders from gaining access.

Do all composite doors offer the same level of security?

Each composite door designer will have different styles, designs, and security levels. Always take the time to explore the features of doors before making a purchase.

Multiple materials are used to create composite security doors. Exploring other styles and models before buying should help you invest in highly secure entrance composite doors.


Final Thoughts

Finding a durable composite door with a high-quality locking system offers many significant security benefits to homeowners.

Our solid composite doors are designed with anti-pick locks to help you and your family feel safe.

Shop with UK Composite Doors today to find the best composite door options on the market and make your property safer.

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