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Can You Put a Chain on a Composite Door?

Can you put a chain on a composite door?

Can You Put A Chain On A Composite Door?

Composite doors are one of the safest front entrance options on the market, but could you add door chains for added security? 

We’re looking at everything you need to know about composite door security and if a chain can help. 

So, let’s get to it! 

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What Is A Door Security Chain?

A door safety chain is a type of security chain attached to the door frame and can slot into a track on the door. 

This adds a level of security over and above a regular door lock because, if the standard door lock fails, the chain keeps the door from opening fully. 


Is a Composite Door Secure?

A composite door is super secure, particularly compared to other types of doors like timber doors and uPVC doors

Our composite doors come with an ABS anti-snap diamond-grade cylinder for an added level of security. 

Plus, the added multi-latch deadbolt auto-lock designed by security experts makes our doors much more secure.  

Besides that, composite doors are made with layers of the best materials to offer insulation and security. You can even soundproof your composite door if outside noise is a concern. 

We will customise your order based on all your specific needs. 

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Is A Chain Necessary If I Have A Composite Door?

To answer this question you must understand that while uPVC and composite doors may look similar, they are very different.

If you have a composite door, it should be more than enough security with the layers and locks in place. However, a chain can add a layer of protection to your front door, no matter what it's made of. 

On the off-chance an intruder breaks through the lock on your door, the chain engages, making it nearly impossible to get through. 

If you do want door chains for composite doors, it’s best to have them installed by a professional, because the door frame is custom made and installing any added accessories can impact the door’s integrity and functionality. 

While you can do a DIY job installing a uPVC door chain on a standard uPVC door, the result will still be less secure than a composite door.

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Can I add a chain to my composite door for security?

Yes, but you might not need to, since a new composite door has impressive safety features that make it very difficult for intruders to get in. 

Can I install a composite door myself?

You could, but we don’t recommend it. To ensure your warranty remains valid, you should contact a professional to install the door and all added accessories, including a multi-point locking system. 

Should I attach a door safety chain to my composite door?

Composite doors come with a range of accessories, including door chains, but it’s not a must. 


Final Thoughts

A door chain gives an added layer of security to any door, including a composite door, but a chain isn’t necessary if one considers how secure a composite door is. 

While composite doors are safe, an added door chain can help if you’re particularly anxious about an intruder getting in. 

Besides additional security features, you can add a range of extras to your door - contact UK Composite Doors to get advice for your composite door and how it can be customised to fit your needs.

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