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What Are Composite Doors Made Of?

What are composite doors made of?

What Are Composite Doors Made Of?

Composite doors are made from a selection of materials to create a strong, sturdy, and modern door. All of the materials are specifically chosen for their properties that all mesh together to create one of the strongest doors available today.

Composite doors are generally built using a combination of solid timber, uPVC, foam, and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP - also known as Glass Reinforced Polyester).

All of these materials create a design that will last forever and has high performance. So, what are composite doors made of?

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The Materials Used For Composite Doors:

Most composite doors, sometimes called fibreglass doors, typically have an external coating of GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic.

Then, a high-quality timber is securely fused to that layer of GRP. The innermost core of the composite door is made of layers and layers of solid wood to give it an exceptionally strong centre and foundation.

Warm thermal polyurethane foam is injected into the spaces between the other internal parts to create effective insulation and make the composite door energy efficient.

Each component of the door has been made with particular attributes that work together to provide a durable product.

Due to the components, the door is first-rate in terms of durability and low maintenance requirements. Making it a top choice for your front door!

Composite doors are the best choice for homeowners who want a modern and sturdy addition to their beautiful and secure property. Composite doors are one of the strongest front doors on the market today.

Unlike a uPVC door or timber doors, composite doors can protect your house from unwanted break-ins and unpredictable weather. With their high-security locking system, composite doors will make sure that you feel comfortable and, most importantly, secure in your own home.

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What Are Composite Doors Made Of?

In general, composite doors are made from several materials that include a durable uPVC layer, a strong laminated door skin, a 48mm thick solid timber core, and 17 layers of amazingly engineered timber.

Every single material is specifically chosen for its special properties, and when fused together, they make up one of the strongest materials. Compared to uPVC doors, which are merely made from plastic, composite doors are made using a number of materials that are all glued and fused together under very high-pressure conditions.

Composite door construction is a lengthy and complex process. The following are some of the main elements used that make up composite doors:

Very durable hardware

The hardware used to build the doors is very durable, and everything is built with safety in mind and to be long-lasting. You can also choose from a wide variety of lever handles, letter plates, locks, and knockers to add to your door in various colours and styles.

Composite doors are not single material doors, and each and every component they include is very strong.

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Solid timber core

Most composite doors are designed and built using a 48mm thick solid timber core such as Comp Door doors. This core creates a robust and durable composite door, much better than most of the other doors available on the market today.

This core, combined with 17 laminated layers, ensures that the door is strong, solid, and resistant to warping, bowing, and various other problems. Meaning that not only will this door keep you safe and be very low maintenance, but it will also last for a very long time.


Security is everyone's top priority when buying or building a house, and your front door needs to keep you safe. This is why our composite doors go through a thorough testing process to create the perfect door that is secure.

The doors are built to withstand any break-ins or force, and they have a three-point locking system.

Styles and colours

There are a huge variety of styles to choose from when it comes to your composite door. You can find any style to suit your needs, has all of the components you want, and looks amazing on your house.

There are also a number of colours to choose from, and all of the colours used on our composite doors are hard-wearing, heat reflective, and long-lasting. With so many colour and style options available, you'll be sure to find your perfect door.

You can paint your composite door in any colour you'd like!

Glass Reinforced Plastic

A composite door usually features GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastic or Polyester. GRP is a fibre-reinforced polymer that is made from a plastic matrix and is then reinforced with some fine fibres of glass.

Despite the fact that doors made only of GRP can be lightweight, they aren't as strong and long-lasting as other composite doors, which means that you and your home will not receive the same level of security and thermal and energy efficiency.

You can gain more advantages from a composite door than from one made of GRP only, thanks to the materials used in its construction. Composite doors have a solid wood core underneath a decorative layer that has the classic appearance and feel of wood but performs better.

You will be able to benefit from extraordinary levels of design and functionality as a result for many years. Any composite door we produce is comprised of the finest quality materials that improve its energy efficiency and its ability to retain heat.

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Customising Your Door

You can also customise your composite door in various ways, meaning that they look more exciting as an addition to your home than standard wooden doors ever would.

You can also look at some composite doors tips and advice to get some more inspiration. Let's take a look at some of the customization options for your composite door:


You can select a door design that matches your aesthetic thanks to the wide variety we have available. Each door from UK Composite Doors has various window options, some with a more modern appearance and others with a timeless, classic style.

Glass options

The glass panels in a composite door are constructed of double-glazed glass inserts. To give the finish a distinctive look, you can select from a variety of beautiful glass styles that are offered.

With its multitude of options, the complex glass will enhance the aesthetics of the door and your home's facade. Additionally, because the glass can be covered, you can enjoy a much more private residence. The glass can be fitted in a variety of colours for a stained glass appearance. The stunning designs will dazzle all of your visitors.


Pick from a variety of hardware alternatives to give the door your own unique touch. Pick from a selection of metals for elegant handles. You are free to include a spyhole as well as letterboxes and knockers. To properly match the handle, pick from a variety of hinges that can pair very well together.


Can you scratch a composite door?

The low-maintenance characteristics of composite materials imply that they will need much less care over the course of their lifespan, apart from a little cleaning to help preserve their fresh appearance. However, because of the tactile characteristics of the material, scrapes, scratches, and stains are still possible, just like with any surface.

Final Thoughts

A composite door is made from a wide variety of strong and durable materials to create a door that looks fantastic and functions well. Everything from the handle to the internal frame is built to last.

You can't go wrong with a secure composite door. It will transform your life and your home! Design your door online below: 

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