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Do Composite Doors Scratch?

Do composite doors scratch?

Do Composite Doors Scratch?

Composite doors are designed to be scratch resistant, but if not treated appropriately, they can be damaged. However, this is a rare occurrence and is fixable.

What Is a Composite Door?

Composite doors are created from various materials combined under pressure, ensuring they're weatherproof, well-insulated, and highly durable. Their glass-reinforced plastic coating is scratch resistant and can withstand wet British weather and direct sunlight.

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Reasons For The Popularity Of Composite Doors

Composite doors are increasingly popular as they are significantly more durable than their timber door counterparts, lasting up to 35 years. They are low maintenance and energy efficient.

Weather seals and insulation help to reduce your heating use and expenditure. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want composite doors that keep the heat in.

Fond of traditional timber doors? Achieve the look by adding wood grain foil to your door's exterior. A door from UK Composite Doors is more energy-efficient, has more colour options, has better security than a uPVC door, and will last for many years.

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Common Causes of Composite Door Damage

There are four leading causes of damage to a composite door, which we've listed below:

Damage from impact:

Knocking your door with a heavy object or subjecting it to a strong force will likely cause impact damage, including scratches, cracks, or dents on its surface.

Exposure to the elements

While manufactured to have impressive durability and weather resistance, they can degrade when exposed to harsh weather conditions and may suffer from fading or warping.

Irregular cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance will increase its life span and prevent unnecessary repairs.

Poor manufacturing

Composite doors can suffer damage during transportation or manufacturing faults, including poor manufacturing or damage to materials.  

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How to get scratches out of a composite door?

While composite doors are designed to be scratch-resistant, they can suffer visible surface damage. Contact the manufacturer or a professional resprayer to redo the coating or give you advice on how to cover scratches on the composite door.

How to repair a scratch on a composite door?

If the scratches on your door are minimal, you can use a touch-up pen to cover the damage.

What are the problems with composite doors?

Composite doors are designed to be durable but can be damaged over time, including swelling, fading, staining, sticky locking mechanisms, dropped hinges, or perished seals. Most of these won't require replacing your door but replacing parts or respraying the door.

How do you protect a composite door?

To protect your door and maintain its colour, avoid using an abrasive cleaner or scouring pads, bleach, steam cleaners or power washers when cleaning it.

Final Thoughts

To maintain your composite doors, you need to engage in regular maintenance, such as cleaning the exterior, oiling the locks, and checking that the seal is good and there is no warping. The combination of materials makes them solid and durable and will add to the security of your home.

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