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Can Dogs Scratch Composite Doors?

Can dogs scratch composite doors?

Investing in new composite doors for your home can help you to improve its appearance, energy efficiency, and security.

While composite doors are hardwearing and durable, they can still be damaged. This article will look at solutions for pet owners, in particular dog owners whose dog is scratching their doors.

Can Dogs Scratch Composite Doors?

Dog scratching can damage composite doors, especially if it is a regular occurrence. This can compromise the appearance of the door and even result in poor performance in some cases.

Scratch marks can be difficult to deal with, so preventing them is always the best solution, especially if you have just installed new doors and want to protect them.

What Are The Reasons Dogs Scratch Doors?

One of the biggest reasons that most dogs might scratch a door is separation anxiety. If your dog is not used to being alone, it can start scratching at doors, thinking it will get to its owner more quickly.

Dogs may also jump up if visitors or strangers come to your house. Your door knocking, doorbell ringing, or letterbox being used can be a trigger for some territorial and protective dogs.

The following techniques can help to prevent pet scratches on composite doors.

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How To Prevent Dogs From Scratching Doors

Preventing your dog from scratching the door is often easier said than done. Having a number of techniques to try will give you a better chance of finding the one that works.

Invest in a scratch screen

A scratch screen is a thin sheet of protective material, usually plastic, that can be used to protect your door when your dog starts scratching.

While this does not stop the dog from scratching, it will stop your door from being damaged. Scratch screens can be regularly replaced as they start to show marks.

Use a kick plate

A kick plate is similar to a scratch screen but is made of metal and can be screwed to a door or slid into the bottom rail of a door.

Kick plates are more common in businesses and restaurants, with doors that swing open both ways and are often kicked open by people with their hands full.

This option can compromise the aesthetic of your door and is a more drastic solution than a scratch screen.

Protect the door seals

If your dog has started scratching your door, you should try to cover the weather strip to make sure the weatherproofing is not compromised. If it has already been damaged, replacing it is advisable.

Regularly cut your dog's nails

Trimming your dog's nails to make sure they aren't long and sharp can help to protect your doors.

Walk your dog regularly

Walking your dog will help to burn off extra energy and should make it more relaxed in the home.

Using a dog walker or dog sitter if you are out for long periods can help them get the exercise they need and lessen separation anxiety.

Block your dog's access to the door

Blocking the dog's access to your door with a pet gate can help keep them in one area and stop them from scratching your doors.

Crate training

If you do have to leave for work and aren't able to get a pet sitter, crate training can be a great way to ensure your dog doesn't suffer from separation anxiety and has a safe, comfortable area to relax in.

Train the dog

Training the dog not to scratch a door can take time but will be worth it in the long run. Using positive reinforcement for good behaviour and removing the dog from the door if they starts scratching can result in the dog learning that this is not acceptable behaviour.

Make a doggy door

A dog door can allow your dog to access and secure the outdoor area when it needs the toilet or wants to go outside.

Depending on its size, a dog door can compromise the security of your home, so you must explore your options. The same can be said for cat flaps, which you can read about if you should install one here. 

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Can you fix dog scratches on a composite door?

How do you get scratches out of composite doors after we notice them? Light marks and scratches on composite doors can typically be repaired by gently rubbing the area with a soft scourer or very fine sandpaper.

If you choose to do this, you should always go with the wood grain's direction to avoid causing further damage, and make sure that you're using tools that won't compromise your door's appearance.

Deep scratches or marks on capped composite products that can't be buffed out can be repaired safely using a heat gun.

You should always check manufacturer advice and contact them if you are unsure or have queries before trying to repair damaged composite.

How do I clean a composite door?

Composite doors will typically need to be cleaned around twice a year. Pet owners might find they need to do this more often.

To clean composite doors, you must wipe them down with warm, soapy water before rinsing the soap residue away.

Should I paint a scratched composite door?

Painting composite products should be avoided whenever possible. They are designed to hold their colour and last for a long time without the kind of maintenance a wooden door needs.

If you choose to paint composite products, you will then have the regular upkeep of having to paint them.

The easiest way to ensure your composite door's appearance remains in good condition is by employing some of the advice in this article to avoid claw marks and cleaning it when needed.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to prevent scratches will help you enjoy a great-looking composite door for longer. Caring for your composite door is relatively straightforward; cleaning it twice a year should be more than enough.

If you have pets, you might find the ideas above an excellent way to protect them from dog scratches.

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