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Can I Put A Cat Flap In A Composite Door?

Can i put a cat flap in a composite door?

Can You Put A Cat Flap In A Composite Door?

Composite doors offer many benefits over wooden doors, but you might be wondering whether you can install a cat flap in a composite door or not, as this could be a severe deal-breaker for many pet parents.

Thankfully, at UK Composite Doors, we can provide you with composite doors with cat flaps installed. We ask that you provide us with the cat flap, and then we will cut the composite door cat flap opening on-site to fit shortly after.

If you would like to get a composite door with a cat flap, design and order your door online below. Please note if your door is supply only, you must let us know your measurements, and then we will cut the hole at our factory. For supply and fit, the hole will be cut on-site.

Design and order below now:

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Purchasing A Composite Door With Cat Flap

If you haven't purchased your composite doors yet, then you should consider buying composite doors that already have a cat flap fitted, as this will save you a lot of time and money. This also applies to dog flaps, as purchasing a composite door with a dog flap will always be better.

These doors are extremely sturdy and tough out of the factory, but making DIY alterations to them will significantly affect their strength, so you should keep this in mind before you break out the power tools!

Retrofitting A Cat Flap To A Composite Door

While it is not recommended, retrofitting a cat flap to a composite door is possible.

Composite doors feature solid hardwood timber cores, and, as we mentioned above, if you cut into them to make room for a cat flap, you will make your door less secure and also void your warranty.

This will still be the case if you decide to hire a professional to cut a hole for your cat flap and install it; however, it is still a better idea to order your pet doors from a company that offers cat flap fitting, especially if you don't have experience with DIY projects.

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Where Else Can I Install Cat Flaps?

If you don't like the idea of voiding your composite door's warranty, but you have already purchased a door without a pet flap, consider installing a cat flap in another area of your house.

Many pet parents choose to install cat flaps on their patio doors, conservatories, and even on the external walls of their homes - although make sure that installing a cat flap in these areas won't void any other warranties.

Cat Flap Cost

The usual cost of a cat flap will depend on whether you get a composite door designed with a cat flap or you retrofit a cat flap instead. On average, a retrofitted cat flap cost is around £150-£500. A composite door that is manufactured with a cat flap will cost around £1,750-£2,100, with the bulk of the cost being the brand-new composite front door.

How To Install A Cat Flap?

Now that you know about the cost of a cat flap and what doors can have one, we'll go through how to install one for composite doors. We highly recommend that a professional installer install a cat flap, as this increases the chances of a high-quality fitting and a more efficient front door.

However, installing a cat flap can be done without a professional, you need to make sure you get the measurement correct, so you don't overestimate or underestimate the size of your cat flap.

Make sure you purchase your cat flap first and that it is big enough for your cat to fit through. Next, you need to mark up your composite door, outlining which part needs to be cut out in order to install the cat flap.

Then, mark your corners and drill into your composite door to make a hole in each corner, to better help you with your outline. The next step is to use a saw, such as a jigsaw, to cut out the hole for your new cat flap.

Before installing your cat flap, you can smooth the edges around the hole if needed and then install your cat flap, drilling screws into each corner in order to keep it in place.


Can cat flap installation be done on a glass door?

Some of our composite door designs feature glass panels, so this is a valid question.

Thankfully, the design of your door will not affect whether or not you can install cat flaps, so long as the glass panels aren't in the way.

Will a front door with cat flap affect my home insurance policy?

Before cutting holes in your composite door, check with your insurance provider whether installing a cat flap will void your home insurance policy.

Some providers see cat flaps as negatively impacting the structural integrity of your doors and, therefore, your home's and composite doors' security.

Cat Flap Fitting - Final Thoughts

If you've considered replacing or upgrading your standard doors, contact us today for more advice on composite doors. You you can get up to date costs of a composite door or general advice to help you choose what door is best for your home.

Our products are of excellent quality, and we can even help with the problematic parts of the installation process, such as removing expanding foam from your composite door.

Design and order your door online now below. You can even get doors on finance with 0% interest-free at checkout, with no deposit to pay for fitted or supply-only doors.

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