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Are Composite Doors More Soundproof?

Are composite doors more soundproof?

Are Composite Doors More Soundproof?

If you're worried about your neighbours hearing what you have to say about them - or if you're sick of hearing what your neighbours have to say about you - then you might be interested to find out whether a new composite door can help with soundproofing.

We'll be answering that question in this post and also go into a bit more detail regarding the soundproofing qualities of a composite door.

Are Composite Doors Soundproof?

When you read about the benefits of composite doors, there isn't often much information about the fact that they are pretty effective at blocking out noise pollution.

Composite doors were not designed with soundproofing in mind, so this benefit is more of a happy accident than a planned positive.

However, it is still important to keep in mind, especially if you are looking to purchase a front door that will prevent external noise from entering your home as easily.

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Why Are Composite Doors More Soundproof?

One of the main reasons that composite doors reduce noise is because they are incredibly thick - often thicker than many other types of front doors. This thickness already prevents sound from reaching the inside of your home, but there are also other aspects of composite doors that make them more soundproof.

As you might already know, a composite door is made from a combination of different materials in order to improve its strength and durability. These materials do, however, have the added benefit of soundproofing.

A composite door will often have either a laminated hardwood core or a core made from insulating polyurethane foam, both of which can help prevent sound from permeating your door.

Many composite doors also have external skins made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (or Polyester - GRP), which is 2mm thick on both sides.

When you combine all of these factors, there is little wonder why a composite door provides excellent soundproofing.

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What Other Things Can I Do To Improve Soundproofing?

If you already enjoy the extra soundproofing that your composite door offers, or are in the market for a composite door due to its soundproofing benefits, then you should also consider some other options that could improve the soundproofing of your home.

If you have single-glazed windows, consider upgrading to double glazing. There are several other glazing options available that can also improve the soundproofing of your home.

Double glazing helps improve soundproofing, as double-glazed windows feature two layers of glass with a tiny space in between. This not only increases soundproofing but also makes double-glazed windows more thermally efficient, as they don't allow much heat to escape.

You can take this a step further by going for triple glazing, or by installing some acoustic glass, which has been specially designed to reduce noise, so you won't be hearing any external interference in your home.

Another slightly more complex measure you can take to reduce the amount of outdoor sound that enters your home, is installing external or internal wall cladding.

Wall cladding also comes in composite materials and, like a composite door, will stop heat from escaping your home in the winter, as well as significantly improve your soundproofing.

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What Are Some Of The Other Benefits That Composite Doors Offer?

As mentioned above, composite doors were not specifically designed to provide soundproofing, and the benefit is a by-product of the door's robust and solid structure.

While the thickness of a composite door helps improve soundproofing, it was designed to be this thick to improve security. A wooden door, for example, isn't such a deterrent for intruders, and is also less soundproof, as it is thinner than a composite door.

If your old door is made from wood, then you will also benefit from how low-maintenance a composite door is, as it will never need to be painted, stained, oiled, or varnished.

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What type of door is the most soundproof?

Fibreglass doors are often considered to be the most soundproof type of door on the market; however, if you are looking for more than just soundproofing, and want a door that will also improve your level of security and insulation, you should consider a composite door.

Why are composite doors more expensive?

Composite doors are often more expensive due to the fact that the manufacturing process is more complex, and the finished product is often much more durable and stronger, as well as being more soundproof than a door made of wood or uPVC.

Are composite doors good for insulation as well as keeping noise out?

Yes, composite doors provide excellent insulation due to their thickness.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in getting a composite door of your own, get in touch with us at UK Composite Doors, as we offer incredibly high-quality products.

You should also visit our blog if you want some tips and tricks about caring for your composite door, including what you should do if your composite door is draughty or if it swells in hot weather.

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