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Do You Need a FENSA Certificate For a Composite Door?

Do you need a FENSA certificate for a composite door?

If you've just purchased a new composite door and are waiting for it to arrive or are in the market for a new one, you might wonder whether you'll need a FENSA certificate to install it.

This piece will discuss precisely what a FENSA certificate is and whether you'll need one for a composite door.

What Is A FENSA Certificate?

FENSA is short for Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme and was authorised by the government and organised by the Glass and Glazing federation.

It first came about in April 2002, and since then, homeowners have been issued FENSA certificates when installing or replacing their windows and doors.

The goal of the scheme was to create a tool that people could use to assess the proficiency of installers. It also lets homeowners know that the job will comply with the housing standards.

This means that whether you want to install a composite door or a door made from any other material, you will need to get a FENSA certificate from a FENSA-approved installer.

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When Will I Need A FENSA Certificate?

If you hire someone to install new windows and doors in your house, you will need to receive a FENSA certificate from the installer.

The certificate will prove that the parts of your home that you have replaced are compliant with building regulations, registered with the local council, and energy-efficient.

You will generally only need to present your FENSA certificates when you sell your home, so keep them safe.

If you lose your FENSA certificates, then the buyer of your property could attempt to get a better price on your home due to your home not being compliant with regulations.

Thankfully, if you lose your certificate, you can quickly request a new one by logging onto the FENSA website and following the prompts.

What Happens If I Don't Have A FENSA Certificate When I Want To Sell My House?

If you find yourself in a predicament where you want to sell your home, but you didn't get a FENSA certificate, then there are some options available to you.

  • You can get a building control officer to certify the installation or replacement before you sell.
  • The property buyer can purchase indemnity insurance.
  • You can get the conveyancer to check when your windows or doors have been replaced with the local authorities.

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Can I fit my own composite door?

Yes, you can fit your own composite door if you are clued up on DIY; however, a conveyancer will need to get the installation approved when you want to sell your home.

Are composite doors burglar-proof?

While there is no such thing as a burglar-proof door, composite doors are very strong and durable, making them much harder to break through.

Final Thoughts

If all this talk of composite doors has gotten you interested in the idea of one, then you should check us out at UK Composite Doors.

You can also find more tips and advice on our blog, such as information about how to fit a letterbox to your composite door.

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