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How To Hang a Wreath On a Composite Door

How to hang a wreath on a composite door

How To Hang A Wreath On A Composite Door

Traditionally, wreaths are hung on front doors as a Christmas decoration over the festive period, but it is not just Christmas that allows you to decorate your front door.

Floral wreaths can be used to decorate doors for spring, summer, autumn, and Halloween, so knowing how to hang a wreath so it is secure and doesn't damage the door is a valuable skill to have.

Some doors that have been reinforced with steel can benefit from a magnetic wreath hanger, while wooden doors can have wreath hangers, door knockers, and house numbers screwed directly into them. Composite doors, however, don't offer these options.

This article will explore the best techniques to help you hang a Christmas wreath or a wreath for different seasons without damaging your front door.

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Hanging A Wreath On A Composite Door

Many people look forward to hanging a Christmas wreath on their front door every winter, while others enjoy decorating their doors with wreaths marking other seasons or occasions.

If you have recently invested in a composite front door, you may wonder how to hang your Christmas wreath without damaging the door.

The following tips should help you secure your spring, summer, autumn, Halloween, or Christmas wreath without compromising the condition of your composite front door.

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How to hang a Christmas wreath on a composite door with a ribbon

A ribbon can be an excellent way to hang a Christmas wreath on composite doors. To hang your wreath using a ribbon, you will first need to find the right length of ribbon.

Attach the ribbon to the wreath and hang the ribbon over your front door so the wreath hangs at the desired position.

The side of the ribbon hanging on the inside of your front door can be secured using a stick-on hook and tying the ribbon around it.

How to hang a Christmas wreath on a composite door with a stick-on hook

Rather than using a stick-on hook on the inside of your front door to secure a ribbon, you can hang your festive wreath on the outside by sticking the hook in the desired position on the front door's exterior.

This is a secure way of attaching a winter wreath to your door, minimising the risk of it being disturbed by winter winds.

How to hang a Christmas wreath on a composite door using the door knocker

If your front door has a knocker, you can use string or ribbon to attach the wreath directly to the door knocker.

This removes the need for any adhesive or door hangers, and wreaths attached to a door knocker can be removed or replaced easily.

How to hang a Christmas wreath on a composite door using the letterbox

It is possible to hang your Christmas wreath from your letterbox using the ribbon method and a stick-on hook on the inside of your front door.

However, this can make it difficult to use your letterbox and your wreath will hang lower.

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How to hang a Christmas wreath on a composite door using an over-the-door hanger

Using an over-the-door wreath hanger is another great way to achieve a good position for your wreath - and keep it secured.

There are drawbacks to using metal wreath hangers that hang over your door, however. You must be careful that your wreath hangers don't compromise the weatherproof seal around your door.

How to hang a Christmas wreath on a composite door using suction cups

If you have glass panels on your door, you can use a suction cup to attach your wreath at your desired height.

Glass door panels are typically higher, so you can attach some ribbon to the wreath if you want it to hang slightly lower.

Alternatives To A Christmas Wreath

There are alternatives to Christmas wreaths if you are concerned about damage to your front door or prefer a less stereotypical "Christmassy" aesthetic.

A fun way to show your Christmas spirit is by wrapping a long piece of ribbon up your door and a shorter length across it to make your door look like it has been gift-wrapped. Add a bow for the finishing touch, and your door will look great.

Considerations When Hanging A Wreath

If you want to complement your fairy lights with a Christmas wreath this year and have composite doors, the above suggestions should help.

If you choose a wreath door holder that fits across the top of the door, make sure you choose the right size - or an adjustable option.

If you have a thick door, squeezing a wreath holder in place can damage the door and weather seal.

If you choose to tie your Christmas wreath to ribbon, it can move a lot in the wind. If the wreath has hard or sharp decorations, like twigs, it can scrape the door as it moves.

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Are there alternatives to metal over-the-door holders?

Metal wreath holders that go over the door can damage the door or seal, especially if they are the wrong size.

Plastic options in a variety of colours are also available and may be less likely to damage the door or seal.

How do I prepare my door for my Christmas wreath?

You typically won't have to do much to prepare your door, but if you are going to the effort of hanging a Christmas wreath, you may want to clean the door.

Wiping the composite doors with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth will typically be enough to leave it looking great.

If you are using a stick-on hook, you will have to make sure the area on your front door where the hook is being attached is free from dirt, dust, or debris.

How do I choose the right wreath for my door?

The best way to choose the right size wreath for your front door is by measuring the width and subtracting 12 inches. This will allow space on either side of the wreath and create a nice finish.

Depending on your preference, you can also choose a colour scheme to tie in with the colour of your front door.

When should I hang a Christmas wreath?

Christmas wreaths are traditionally hung on November 26th, so there is a four-week gap until Christmas Eve for you to appreciate your decoration.

The wreath should be left until January 6th, officially the festive season's end.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the advice in this article will help you hang your Christmas wreath or be able to enjoy wreaths all year round without damaging your front door.

You can avoid using nails and putting holes in your new front door using the techniques described above.

You can create a loop using ribbon to secure the wreath and use suction cups or stick-on hooks to ensure your home looks great throughout the year.

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