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New Composite Front Door Cost UK Price Guide 2024

How much is a composite front door

How Much Does A Composite Front Door Cost?

Getting a new front door installed can be costly, and the type of door you opt for can determine how much you will spend.

The different external doors, such as timber doors, uPVC doors, and composite doors, all have different price points.

If you are considering replacing your front door with a composite door, you might be asking yourself, "How much for a new front door?" since you probably want to budget correctly.

Read on to find out how much composite doors and frames are - from the products to the front door installation cost.

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Factors Influencing The Cost Of A Composite Front Door

Before we look at the average composite front door prices, we first need a better understanding of what influences the door's cost and having the door fitted.

  • The quality of the door: There are many different composite door manufacturers delivering a variety of qualities. A higher quality door will be more up the cost for a new front door.
  • The style: There is a variety of composite door styles, from composite cottage doors to more industrial-looking front doors. The cost of your new composite door will depend on the style you select. A popular style will be more affordable than a custom style.
  • The colours: Most composite door manufacturers will not alter their prices depending on colours unless you order a non-standard colour that requires specialised bonding techniques.
  • Glazed panels: Glazing options will determine the cost. Clear-glazed windows will be more affordable than coloured double-glazing.
  • Door furniture or accessories: The accessories accompanying the door will influence the price of the front door. A door with more accessories like knockers or letter plates will be more expensive and affect the cost to install a front door.
  • The locking mechanism: There are various locking systems available that will impact the door cost.
  • Where you live: Your location can determine the price of your door, and it will be more expensive to have your composite door installed in a rural location. The trick is to try and find local suppliers and tradesmen to help with the installation.
  • The company: Composite doors are becoming part of a highly competitive market, and manufacturers are constantly changing their prices to try and outprice the competition.

With all of these factors to consider, it is clear why it is hard to determine the actual price of composite doors and how much a composite door fitted is.

The best way to determine how much your desired composite door will cost is to contact the manufacturer directly or request a front door quote via their website.

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How Much Is a New Front Door UK?

So, how much are composite front doors by themselves, and how much is a composite front door fitted?

As determined above, the cost of a new composite door depends on various factors, and we can only provide market averages for composite doors.

Here is a breakdown of composite door costs:

  • Labour costs: £50 to £120
  • Supply costs: £500 to £2500
  • Total costs: £550 to £2620

The actual cost of your new front door will depend on the supply available as well as the fit of the door. It will also depend on your specific requirements. With a lot of bespoke and customisable doors available, you can opt for intricate designs unique to your home - but these front doors will cost more.

At UK Composite Doors, you can choose a variety of doors in any colour, size or style. We also include several accessories and hardware options to include with your door, meaning you can create something special for your home. If you are seeking inspiration for door designs, make sure to visit our blog.

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Cost To Replace Front Door And Frame UK

When you require a replacement front door, you may also need the frame of the door replacing as along with it. The cost of a new composite door frame is usually between £100-£130, but can change depending on the time and labour required, as well as any extra door material needed.

If qualified or experienced, you may want to fit the new door frames yourself, which would bring the overall cost down of the replacement. However, it is a job that requires a lot of care and attention, so getting a professional to do it is highly recommended, even if it raises the front door fitting cost.

Additional Cost Of Installing A Composite Door

Here is a closer breakdown of the cost of a new composite front door installed in your home and some additional fees you might not be aware of that can affect the new front door cost.

Minimum installation costs

Some installation companies or labourers will set a minimum fee, which is part of the daily labour costs. It should be noted that unless you are getting a new door and frame fitted, it is unlikely that daily labour costs will apply since a door installation only takes a few hours.

Size and type of front door

Composite door prices vary depending on the size and the style of your front composite door, as well as the type of composite front door and glazing options you go for. This includes double-door styles and French doors.

A larger door is most likely to be more expensive, while a more intricate or custom-made door style will also cost more.

Materials used

Different types of composite doors cost different amount due to other core materials used such as timber, foam or uPVC.

The outer layer of the door can also vary and can be either a PVC outer coating or a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composite door.

The materials used to construct your composite door will determine the cost of a new front door.

Number of labourers

Typically, only one installer will be required to fit your new front door, but if more than one person is required, you can expect your labour costs to double.

On the other hand, more installers will cut down the installation time, which can reduce the price you pay for the hours worked.

Labour Cost New Front Door Installation

Apart from the actual door, the labour costs for installing your new composite front door will influence the overall price.

Below is a brief summary of the expected labour costs involved in fitting a new composite door.

The daily labour costs of hiring someone to install your front door is around £150 to £25, but since it will not take a full day to install your composite door, you can expect to pay around £50 to £120 for your new front door.

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How Long Does It Take To Install A New Composite Front Door?

Now that we've answered in great detail the question "how much does a new front door cost?", it is time to look at how long it will take to have your new door fitted and installed.

You can expect it to take about 2 to 5 hours for your new door to be fitted, no matter the type of door it is. Timber, uPVC and composite doors all take the same time to be installed.

Of course, this is only an estimate, and your location, the ease of access, and the number of labourers will all impact the duration of the installation.

Since your front door is an exterior door, weather can also cause delays.

Cost Of Removing A Front Door

Before having your new door installed, you will most likely have to remove your existing door (unless you are dealing with a new build).

There are also door costs involved with removing your existing front door, although these are cheaper than the cost of a new front door.

Should you hire someone to remove your existing front door, you can expect to pay anywhere from £40 to £180. Again, the door prices are variable and will depend on the nature of the work to be done and how easy it is to access and remove the door.

Once this is complete, your old door will be disposed of and your new replacement door will be fitted, which for installers like UK Composite Doors, will be included in the door installation costs.

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Why Are Composite Doors More Expensive Than UPVC Doors?

As we have already mentioned, composite doors are expensive compared to other front doors, but why is this the case?

Well, composite doors have many benefits that are not seen with uPVC front doors.

Composite doors are well-known for their extra strength, enhanced security, and incredibly energy efficient (which will help reduce your energy bills).

Although a uPVC door is affordable, it cannot match composite front doors' weatherproof and water-wicking abilities.

Composite doors also have a secure locking mechanism to ensure no one enters your home uninvited.

Not only are these doors more secure, but they also provide your house with curb appeal. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, you will get an aesthetically pleasing door made with high-quality materials that will keep the heat in and the intruders out.

Why Should You Buy A Composite Door From UK Composite Doors?

The answer is quite straightforward - when you choose a door from UK Composite Doors, you are guaranteed value for money with the best quality composite door available in the UK.

If your front door is looking tired, faded or warped, it is time to make a change to a new composite door. Investing in our composite doors will give you a front door that will last for decades with very little maintenance required.

Even if your current front door is still in great shape, a new composite door can give your house a face-lift and is a great option to consider when renovating your home.

Our composite doors are the way to go for an affordable investment that will instantly lift your home's curb appeal. You will also get to enjoy all the benefits that composite doors offer, such as improved security, energy efficiency, weatherproof properties and unique design options. 

Our composite doors are superior to any other entries on the market and add a modern aesthetic to a tired-looking house.

UK Composite Doors Prices

To learn more about our new front door costs, visit our website for all the information you need. When you contact our team, you can request a front door quote or search our products to find a door that works for you.

We are always more than happy to help our customers and provide you with any advice you may require, such as the cost of a front door.


Are composite doors worth the money?

Definitely! Composite doors may be more expensive than other doors (although cheap composite doors are available), but they will keep your home safe and require very little maintenance, making the new front door cost a worthy investment.

These doors are also waterproof and weatherproof and are great options for homes looking to cut down on energy bills due to their energy-efficient properties and tight seals.

What are common problems with composite front doors?

Composite doors do not have many problems, however, just like with any other front door, some minor issues may occur over the years.

The most common composite door problems include sticky locks (when the door locks won't work smoothly), dropped hinges, as well as a warped door due to not lifting the handle when closing the door.

How much should a new front door cost installed?

"How much is a front door?" is a common question for many homeowners, as there are a number of things that requirement payment, such as installation and delivery.

Getting a new composite front door fitted the right way is very important, as you will want to reap all of the benefits that a composite door will give you and your home. Also, a composite door is a long-term asset for your home, likely for the next 20-30 years, so making sure it is installed as best it can be will help you get the most from it.

The cost of new front door installation will usually be £50-£150, but can change depending on how long the door takes to fit, with longer jobs costing more as more labour and materials will be needed. Although the total cost of front door installation may be quite a sum, it is much more cost effective in the long run, with all the energy efficiency advantages a new composite door will have.

Do composite doors need a new frame?

You do not need to get a new door frame installed when you get a composite door, however, to ensure that the door is the right size and closes appropriately, we do recommend a new structure for your peace of mind.

Cost of New Front Door UK - Final Thoughts

Composite doors are taking the UK by storm, and it is easy to see why. These doors have many benefits not found in more traditional wooden and uPVC doors, and despite their increased costs, composite doors are a worthy investment.

When you consider the cost of a composite door, you must remember to factor in the labour costs and any additional front door costs that may apply, and hopefully, this has helped answer the question of "how much is a new front door?".

Even with these added costs, you will not regret your composite door choice, as these doors last for many years and are the future of UK homes.

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