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Are All Composite Doors The Same?

Are all composite doors the same?

Are All Composite Doors The Same?

Not all composite doors are the same. It depends on the manufacturer - some companies skimp on the production process, resulting in a weaker door that won't last long.

You want to get the most out of your front door, which means getting one from a reputable company that is made from strong and high-quality materials. Not all manufacturers and suppliers produce and distribute the same quality products.

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Signs Of A Low-Quality Door

There are some telling signs that you have purchased a bad-quality door. Composite doors are made from top-class materials and go through a rigorous production process that ensures that they will last for years.

Before making a purchase, you should find out everything you need to know about your composite door so you know what to expect. You can get timber composite doors, aluminum doors, and the standard composite door.

If your new door is showing any of these signs, it's probably sub-standard:

  • Trouble locking the door. These products are built to be secure - "secured by design" - and not being able to lock your front door can compromise your safety or make it difficult to go out or let yourself back in.
  • Sticky lock. This can happen to any composite door, no matter how well-built, but this should not happen to a new (or relatively new) one. These doors were built for enhanced security, and sticky locks should only occur after years of very little maintenance.
  • The door is starting to break or look worn out. Composite products are made from robust material that should be weather resistant and be able to withstand the elements. If your door is starting to look worn out during its early days, it's not good quality.
  • Problems with the screw cover caps. You might find that the caps on the glazing cassette are raised, unsightly, and exposed.
  • Missing hardware. Some doors may be built poorly, with certain elements being exposed or even missing.
  • Problems with the hinges. Some hinges may be non-adjustable or may drop very quickly. Dropped hinges are a common problem, but certainly not during your door's early years.
  • Cheap-looking furnishings. The drip bar, letter plate, handle, knocker, and other features may wear away or break.
  • Bad compression. You should notice this when trying to lock and close your composite door.

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How To Spot A Good-Quality Door:

Thermally Efficient

Composite doors can differ in their thermal efficiency, which depends on the quality and suitability of the components to produce them. uPVC doors were found to be 19% more thermally and energy efficient than those with a timber core.

Not all doors are created equal when it comes to thermal efficiency. Verify the presence of a foam-filled core and, much better, a uPVC edge band on your composite door. A uPVC edge band can improve performance even more since foam is a great insulator.

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The Quality Of The Hardware

A composite door should have high-quality hardware made from stainless steel so it can withstand harsh weather for a long time to come. Front doors are used every day, so they need to be made of materials that can last and deal with daily use.

The door should also be made of glass-reinforced plastic. For example, look at a composite door vs aluminium - aluminium is not as strong and durable, so it is much better to go for a high-quality composite one.


Inspect the locking system before you purchase your door. One of the primary factors influencing a consumer's decision to purchase a composite door is security. Thus, it's critical that you can demonstrate that your door is safe and burglar-proof.

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Do coloured composite doors fade?

These products are fashionable, strong, and a wise investment for your home because they do not deteriorate with time. Despite being regularly used throughout time and being exposed to sunlight, rain, pollution, and other elements - that's if they are good quality of course. A low-quality door will surely start to fade if not made properly.

What should I look for in a composite door?

Look for a door with foam insulation and a solid timber core, so you know that it is functional and of the highest quality. You can opt for traditional or contemporary styles - whatever suits your home. Just make sure that the door, the frame, and the hardware are made of all of the right elements.

Are aluminium doors better than composite ones?

Composite doors are lighter, cheaper, and pair well with any existing uPVC windows. Aluminium doors are more durable, stronger, and often seen as the more upscale front door and a better long-term investment.

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Final Thoughts

Composite doors can differ in colour and style, but the main difference is quality. A high-quality composite door is essential, and you need to be sure that you are buying from the right supplier.

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