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Composite Door Hinge Adjustment

Composite door hinge adjustment

Composite Door Hinge Adjustment

Most people in the world use doors every day - multiple times a day, really - so we'd like them to function correctly when we twist the knob or pull the handle.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that doors are used so frequently, some of their components will need to be fixed or adjusted from time to time.

It's best to know how to adjust a composite door that has dropped, for example, to avoid paying a professional for such a minor problem.

In this piece, we'll discuss how to adjust composite door hinges so that if you experience any issues after installation, you can fix these problems yourself.

How To Check If Your Composite Door Is Not Aligned

There are a few ways for you to check to see if your composite door hinges need to be adjusted or not.

One of the best ways to check if one of your composite doors is misaligned is to see if the corners of your door line up with the corners of the door frame. This will be the most obvious indication that your hinges need to be adjusted.

Another way that you can check is by opening the door and placing a spirit level on top of it. If the bubbles don't line up correctly, then your door is misaligned and will need to be adjusted.

The final way to check is by inspecting the gap between the door and the door frame. After opening the door, check to see if the gap on the lock side lines up with the door frame consistently.

If not, then composite door hinge adjustment will likely be needed, as your composite front door lock may not be functioning properly.

What You Will Need To Adjust Composite Door Hinges

If you are planning to adjust your composite door hinges on your own, then you will need some tools to do the job correctly.

Below, we will list the tools you'll need for front door hinge adjustment:

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Allen key/hex key - 5mm
  • Tape measure (to help measure your adjustments, optional)


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The Different Types Of Hinges, And How To Adjust Them

Not all hinges are made in the same way, so how you go about adjusting composite door hinges will depend on the type of hinges that are fitted to your composite door.

Below we will list and explain the different types of hinges you get and how to adjust the different hinges.

Flag hinges

Flag hinges are found on many new types of doors, as this composite door hinge allows you to make adjustments far more easily than some older types of hinges.

To adjust a flag hinge, you can follow these steps:

  1. You may first have to remove the plastic cap covering the lateral adjustment screw, depending on whether your hinges feature plastic caps.
  2. To remove the plastic cap, you must loosen the two Philips screws situated on the inside of the hinge.
  3. You can then pop the plastic cap open with a flathead screwdriver.
  4. You may also need to remove plastic caps from the bottom and top of the hinge if you want to gain access to the door height and compression adjustment screws.

Now that you have access to all of the adjustment screws, you can adjust your composite door hinges so that they fit your door frame correctly.

Butt hinges

Butt hinges are the oldest type of hinges that can be found on composite doors.

Depending on how old your hinges are, you may not be able to adjust them at all, or you might only be able to adjust them laterally and vertically.

To adjust a butt hinge, you can follow these steps:

  1. If your butt hinge features two Philips screws on the side of the hinge plates, then you can adjust it up to 2mm laterally. You can adjust the top screw or the bottom screw if you want to move your door sideways when adjusting it.
  2. If you want to adjust your hinge vertically, you will need to remove the plastic cap on top of the hinge and then use an Allen key to make adjustments.
  3. If you want to adjust the pin, and your hinge features a grub screw, then you must loosen this first, as it keeps the pin in place.

When you have completed your butt hinge adjustment, make sure that you tighten the screws once again to keep your front door in the place that you want it.

T hinges

T hinges are very similar to flag hinge adjustment, so they can often be adjusted both laterally and vertically if need be.

Thankfully, you can also adjust them in the same way that you would adjust a flag hinge; however, T hinges don't often have a compression adjustment, so you won't be able to adjust your hinge in this way.


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What is the compression adjustment on a composite door?

The compression adjustment screw is used to bring the door closer or further away from the door jamb, which is the side of the door frame that your hinge is attached to, when you adjust composite door hinges.

Why is my composite door draughty?

A draught means your composite door has not been fitted properly, then it may have been hung too high, which will allow wind to get in through the gap left at the bottom of the door, so some composite door adjustment will likely be required.

Thankfully, you can easily adjust your composite door hinges by following the steps listed above, depending on the type of hinge you have. Alternatively, something could be preventing your door from closing properly, which could allow cold wind to pass through easily.

How should you close a composite door?

While closing your door incorrectly might not seem like all that much of an issue, if you do it for long enough, you could end up causing damage.

To avoid this damage, once you close your composite door, you must pull the handle back up after locking the door. This will engage both locks fully and prevent damage further down the line. Adjust composite door hinges with diagrams, found plentifully online to help you get a better picture of how our composite doors function.

How To Adjust A Composite Door - Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our guide has given you a good idea on how to adjust composite door hinges and composite door hinge types, so you can get your composite front door back to the standard that you expect with a relatively quick fix.

If you've been considering getting a new door in your home, why not consider using composite doors? They offer a plethora of benefits when compared to other doors and composite doors are incredibly strong and secure, in addition to high levels of energy efficiency.

Here at UK Composite Doors, we can provide you with great deals on high-quality composite doors, and you can also find some great advice on our blog to help you with things like cleaning your composite door. Take control of every detail of a new composite door – from colour to hardware. Start customising today!


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