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Can You Put A Door Knocker On A Composite Door?

Can you put a door knocker on a composite door?

Can You Put A Door Knocker On A Composite Door?

Composite doors are increasing in popularity; they are safe, durable, and made with eco-conscious materials.

But we all like the front of our homes to display a bit of style, and one way to do this is to select a door knocker that matches your home aesthetic.

We're exploring installing a door knocker on a composite door with some tips and tricks along the way.


What Makes Composite Doors Different?

Composite doors are incredibly resilient, making them perfect for a front door. They look like timber but use innovative materials that won't hurt the planet.

These doors are weather resistant - an essential factor to consider in the UK. Your door will last for years with a solid structure that won't warp or shrink over time.

Composite doors are made with layers to ensure your safety and prevent warping, cracking or other damage.

The polyurethane thermally-insulated core, outer Glass Reinforced Plastic (or Glass Reinforced Polyester), and the perimeter of water-resistant polymer make this door extremely durable, safe, and long-lasting.

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Types of Door Knockers for Composite Doors

There are two different types of door knockers:

Surface mount fixing: This is a simple door knocker that screws into the front of the door and isn't visible from the other side of the door when it's closed.

Through the door fixing: A more complex design where drill holes go through the door rather than on the surface.

Choosing between the surface mount fixing and through door fixing is up to you. While you can find most of the accessories you need at your local hardware store, it's best to ask a professional.


Are Door Knockers Suitable for Composite Doors?

You can have door knockers on your doors. However, you shouldn't install a door knocker yourself, because it can void your door's warranty.

Remember the layers of the door? These layers are tough to get through, and once you start drilling into a composite door, it can cause serious damage you might not be able to repair.

While composite doors are the best front door option in terms of durability and security, you need to consider the extras that come with them.

Adding in extra features like door knockers must be done by a professional who knows exactly what tools are needed to install a surface mount fixing, for example, and what screws are suitable for the job.

The good news? When you buy one of our composite doors, we take you through the entire process from installation to customisation. We offer a range of colours, finishes, and door-knockers to ensure you have the finished product you want.

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Door Knocker Fixings

You can select from a range of different knockers for your composite door

  • Slimline door knocker with spyhole
  • Urn door knocker with spyhole
  • Victorian door knocker
  • Scroll door knocker
  • Urn door knocker
  • Bullring door knocker
  • Contemporary door knocker
  • Slimline door knocker

All our door knocker hardware is made with the best materials; they are durable and come in a wide variety of colours.

Our door knockers can withstand the harshest British weather, so you can purchase your new door knowing the hardware will last for years.

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Can a composite door have a door knocker?

Yes, many options exist for selecting the right knocker for your door. You don't have to compromise your aesthetic for must-have door features, with stick on door knocker being used for that very purpose.

Can you drill into a composite door?

You can, but we wouldn't recommend it. A composite door is made with layers of durable material that make it secure and weather resistant. If you're not an installer, you may damage the door, compromising these features and voiding your warranty.

Can you screw door knockers into a composite door?

While screwing will cause less damage to the inside of the door, it can still damage the perimeter of the water-resistant polymer. It's better to use a trusted composite door installer; they are trained and know what is best to maintain the door's integrity.


Final Thoughts

A door knocker can add a layer of customisability when purchasing a composite door, particularly if you don't want to look like every other house on the block.

While functional, a door knocker can give you a bit more creative freedom.

However, installing a door knocker onto a composite door takes work. Only a professional should complete the installation, so your door remains in good shape and, more importantly, remains under warranty.

Look at our blog for more hints and tips on your composite door.

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