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Can You Fit a Composite Door to a Wooden Frame?

Can you fit a composite door to a wooden frame?

Can You Fit a Composite Door to a Wooden Frame?

Composite doors are the newest and most groundbreaking doors on the market. For decades, the ultimate in front doors were provided by solid wood, which meant a wooden door and wood frame.

However, with the growing popularity of the composite front door, many homeowners have decided to change doors from a traditional wood design to a composite door, which offers a range of colours to suit the style of any house.

Often, a question arises, though - do I need to change my door frame too?

Should You Replace Your Wooden Door Frame?

As there could be different circumstances surrounding your decision to replace your existing door, let's consider these when suggesting whether it's a good idea to replace your frame simultaneously.

Scenario one

You have an old house, and while your wood door has served you well through the years, you notice signs of wear and tear and decide to upgrade to a composite front door.

You like your wooden frame, though, and would prefer to keep it instead of changing to a uPVC-style one, pre-hung in a matching frame.

However, if you've noticed wear and tear on your door, isn't it possible that the same is happening to your wooden frame, too?

Timber frames are no different to the doors they support and will also suffer the effects of time. Replacing it so you don't have to take the new door down to replace the old frame a few years later could be the best idea.

Scenario two

Even if your existing door doesn't need replacing, you could be ready for a new look for your home or want to improve your security or thermal efficiency. Because of what composite doors are made of, they are a better investment than the uPVC door alternative. But should you replace your wood frame in this case?

You should consider that manufacturers design all frames with specific doors in mind, which is also the case with composite doors.

In fact, composite doors are actually, on average, 10-20mm wider than standard doors. If you keep your existing frame, you will likely need to alter it slightly to fit the composite door which could ultimately affect its thermal efficiency.

In addition to this, composite frame designs incorporate designated points where multi-point locks fitted to the modern front doors will fit snugly. Replicating these in a timber door frame could be problematic, and result in a less secure door.

But CAN You Fit a Composite Door to a Wooden Frame?

Ultimately, yes you can. The question you should be asking, though, is, SHOULD you? We don't recommend it at UK Composite Doors, and many experts will refuse to do so.

Replacing your door is a long-term investment; it's best to follow advice on caring for your composite door replacing your frame simultaneously will be the best course of action.


Can you fit a new composite front door into an existing wood frame?

If it's a perfectly fitting door frame, then you'll need to trim the door for it to be installed correctly, and usually, it's not worth the effort, money or time.

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