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Are Composite Doors Fireproof?

Are composite doors fireproof?

Are Composite Doors Fireproof - Is A Composite Door A Fire Door?

Safety is the number one thing when it comes to your home. This includes safety from intruders and disastrous events like a fire.

Unfortunately, fires are a part of life, and once a house fire starts spreading, there isn’t much one can do except to find a safe way out.

Composite doors are highly secure and becoming increasingly popular for safety and aesthetics, but are they fireproof?

We have all the info you need to help you make the best decision on a UK-Made composite door for your home, including whether our composite doors are fireproof or fire-rated.

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What Does Fireproof Mean?

A fireproof fire door won’t collapse structurally for a certain period or up to a set temperature.

In the event of a fire, fire doors are designed to provide you with the time you need to leave your home.

What Is A Fire-Rated Door?

An internal door with a fire rating is specifically made to stop a fire from spreading and can offer smoke protection to buy time for people to escape the building.

Be on the watch for signs of certification since, in the UK, organisations like the British Woodworking Federation decide whether or not a fireproof door is fire-resistant and to what extent.

They also give the ultimate permission to advertise so-called fire-rated doors as "fire resistant." The British Woodworking Federation is a third party that tests all products before giving certifications.

The fire door can be fire-resistant for either 30 or 60 minutes, depending on whether you see the letters FD30 or FD60.

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Where Should Composite Fire Doors Be In The Home?

It is highly recommended to put in composite fire doors if you have a garage that leads into your home. Fires often start in cars and enter the house through a garage door

Composite fire doors should be installed to separate the bedrooms and upstairs living space from the downstairs area if you live in a two-storey home.

While fireproof doors are more common in industrial buildings or large blocks of flats due to building regulations, fireproof doors can save your life if the worst happens. 

Composite Doors vs Regular Doors

Composite doors are more durable than timber and uPVC doors. Unfortunately, a wooden door won’t keep its shape when it’s hot, let alone control the spread of a house fire.

This makes many homeowners wonder if composite doors are better than wooden doors, as even though standard composite doors aren't fire rated, they would be better than a timber door.

Composite doors are strong, sturdy, robust, and highly secure. However, you want to know that you may escape the building safely in case of a fire.

Composite doors are better at limiting smoke inhalation in a fire since they are thicker and more robust. You might have the time you need to get out since the door will act as a type of screen, keeping the fire and smoke out.

However technically speaking, wood and composite doors are not fireproof doors - but there are ways for you to purchase fireproof composite doors.

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Are Composite Doors Fire Rated?

Many people with composite doors often ask "is a composite door a fire door?".

Unless you specifically request this feature, composite doors are not considered fireproof.

However, the door’s toughness, resilience, and weather-resistant attributes can provide further protection.

A weather bar is a feature that can keep out adverse weather. However, this might stop smoke from entering where the door is located in the event of a fire.

To contain the heat from a house fire long enough for occupants to escape, the insulated core of composite doors can also function as a form of heat suppressant.

While composite doors are not fireproof, things could shift. By insulating the home and reducing the demand for heating appliances, composite doors are required by regulations to lessen their environmental impact.

Additionally, the number of fire doors a building needs depends on changing building codes.

Therefore, more composite doors in the future may be fire-resistant, which we believe is the best way forward.

Since composite doors are solid and offer an additional layer of protection against thieves, they are frequently chosen because of their high level of security. The strength of the door frame is ideal for supporting the bars that keep fire doors closed.

For compact homes and multi-family structures, composite fire doors would be the ideal alternative if we could combine these safety qualities with the door’s fireproof nature.

But besides fireproofing, you should consider composite doors because they are weather-resistant, don’t require a lot of upkeep, they are sturdy, and composite doors don’t scratch easily

Plus, composite doors use non-toxic materials, so in the event of a fire, there wouldn’t be toxic smoke which may lead to ongoing issues.

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Can a composite door be used as a fireproof door?

No, unless you have specifically requested that your composite doors be made fireproof; a standard composite door is not up to code.

However, compared to other types of doors, a composite type does add a bit more protection in terms of fire spreading and giving you time to get out. If you are buying a new door, its fire and heat resistance are important considerations.

Can heat affect a composite door?

Yes. A standard composite door is made with highly durable materials, but this doesn’t make a door heat-resistant. It might take a bit longer to be affected than a standard timber door, but eventually, heat will affect it, unlike dedicated fire rated composite doors.

How can you tell if a door is fireproof?

You need to check if the British Woodworking Federation has given a door a fireproof rating. They are the only authority that can test and assess whether a door is fire-resistant.

Can you get composite fire doors for flats?

Yes, composite fire doors for flats are becoming more common as time goes on and they gain popularity. If a fire starts in a flat, it can easily spread through the block of flats it is in, so preparing for any dangers with a fire door can massively increase your safety.

Do front doors need to be fire rated?

No, front doors don't need to be fire rated, but it can be a huge benefit to have in the horrible event of a fire, giving more protection and peace of mind that you can get to safety with a fire proof front door.

Fire Rated Composite Doors - Final Thoughts

Are composite doors fire rated? - No, standard composite doors are not fireproof, so you’ll need to request this feature when ordering your door if it’s something you truly want.

However, we might see a shift as composite doors grow in popularity; a standard composite door might just be fireproof if needed. 

Check out our door blog for more info on door selection and which one might suit your specific property, or click the button below to design and order your door online in minutes.

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