1920s composite door

High security 1920 style doors

1920s Composite Doors

During the late 1920s and early 1930s, the designs of doors went through an especially beautiful transformation. Think bold colours and curving forms complemented by chrome hardware and stained glass.

Unfortunately, the design of the 1920s and 1930s front door simply cannot match the security and insulation standards that are commonplace today.

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Why choose our composite 1920s doors?

Secure 48mm solid timber core
Anti snap locks as standard
Energy & thermal efficient
4 point latch meaning no warping

Anti snap locks on all composite 1920 doors

Our Range of 1920s Composite Doors

Here at UK Composite Doors, we have an excellent range of 1920s composite doors that are perfect for bringing the early 20th-century look to your property.

All of our doors are crafted with traditional techniques and are completely bespoke, manufactured and installed to your own specifications.

We celebrate the artistic work of this door’s time with a range of decorative glazing, frame panelling, and satin chrome door furniture while also introducing cutting-edge security features and energy efficiency.

We never compromise on quality with all the door options we have to offer. From our timeless 1920s composite front doors to our modern composite back doors, your home will have plenty of kerb appeal!

1920's style composite door

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What Kinds of Homes are 1920s Composite Doors Good For?

The 1920s-style front door is perfect for traditional period properties and will add a splash of personality to your home. This door style can also add a touch of old-world elegance to your modern home.

With a number of styles and colours available, you can create a timeless feature that can enhance the charm and character of any property while benefitting from enhanced security, functionality, and durability.

Long warranties as standard

10 year gurantee for peace of mind

Popular 1920 style doors

Why are 1920s Composite Doors Popular?

Recalling a time when front doors were richly-coloured, with bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation, the 1920s-style door has recently seen a boom in popularity amongst homeowners.

Composite doors combine modern technology advancements with all the traditional aspects you could want in a traditional 1920s front door. Homeowners love that a composite door can perfectly replicate the look of traditional timber, painted in any colour with all the beautiful finishings of the time.


Large range of door colour ranges

What Colours Of Composite 1920 Doors Are Available?

During the 1920s, traditional front doors were usually painted in a colour that stood out. For example, green and black were a favourite amongst many, but you could also find front doors that had more subtle shades of cream and blue.

With our selection of over 16 stunning colours, you can perfectly replicate the look of the 1920s front doors – and in a shade to suit your aesthetic.

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